Technology / E-Commerce / Digital Media

Serve, At Scale.

Serving at scale with purpose-driven brands.

empowering the Purpose-Driven (R)evolution.

Formless Group is a private internet company that builds and invests in disruptive, purpose-driven brands.




simple beginnings.

Founded in 2012, with a computer and a vision, Formless continues to grow into a company focused on building purpose-driven services and products in an ever-changing world.

Our mission is to serve and evolve industries globally through the use of design, technology, and customer-focused solutions.

Formless Group currently controls and invests in private software, education, e-commerce, and media businesses.

Our core pillars


Create products and services that truly serve customers.


Put people first and serve at scale with amazing products & service.


Create purpose-driven brands that never sacrifice quality for profits.

VALUE. Service. Purpose.