we're on a Mission to evolve the world.

The Formless Group is an family of companies and brands on a mission to evolve industries and markets globally through the use of technology and a customer focused business model.

We build and invest in disruptive companies and brands, where we deploy capital and resources towards value-added services and quality products. 

values first

Founded in 2012, Formless started with a computer and a vision to improve the world with technology. Today, Formless continues to grow into a world-wide company focused on building value-added services and products in an ever evolving world. 

Since day one, we have been rooted in strong core-values. Like our name and logo, which symbolizes the flow of water, we continue to overcome obstacles and challenges in our path, not by force but through continuous improvement. Like water, we can be kind and gentle, yet still overcome anything. This is our way.

A vision towards the future

Our vision is to build enduring long-term, yet forward thinking brands, that make a positive impact on the world with technology and a relentless customer-driven focus.

The Formless Group currently controls and invests in several private media, software, education, and e-commerce businesses.

Each company in our family is built or selected to solve a specific problem through the application of innovative technology, while staying firm in our roots of customer service and over delivering of value.


We do our best to create an entrepreneurial driven culture at the forefront of everything we do. While our team is working for the benefit of the whole, it is also important to work for and improve yourself. To come up with independent ideas and to stress-test them. To work hard, and enjoy what you do. This is engrained in everything we do at Formless.

Want to join us? We love working with pioneers, misfits, and rebels that want to change the world. If you want to evolve yourself while challenging the status quo, we would love to get to know you.


With our customer first approach, our primary focus is and always has been top-quality customer service. Our team is always thinking about the customer first and how to improve their experience in every way.


When working with us, we always aim to provide more value than we receive through our value-added products and services. By joining our team you will be a part of our value-driven mission.


We never sacrifice quality for profits, and will do whatever it takes to provide the highest quality products and services. When it comes to working with us, our team puts forth the best possible effort to provide only the highest quality or nothing at all.

challenge the status quo.